Help Wanted

If you would like to help us, please, get in touch with us! You can directly poke Rhea to get more details about the following:

  • Web Developer - We are looking for an experienced web developer with advanced knowledge of Laravel, PHP, scripts, etc...
  • Support Team members - You could also help us cover some odd timezones when we sleep (Asia/Australia/Pacific regions,) if you know Botwinder and his commands in-and-out and have the patience to help people and answer their questions. (We have extensive set of commands with reference links - don't worry you will be backed!)

Become a Patron

Both, the Botwinder and this website run on a VPS, which is about 105$ per month and keeps growing (See patreon goals for list of stuff behind this number.) You can help us pay for this server by donating a little bit, or even better, by subscribing on Patreon.
Subscribers will get access to Botwinder Mk.II, which is on far less servers and therefore it will have higher stability and uptime =)

Active contributors are: 0mega , Airhead , Bendalf , calcifer , CJK77 , delcake , Demod , DiscordBot , DokaDoka , Drburst , DVS , freiheit , Gamer Jamer ツ , haxxor , LainBear , Levi Brunette , Lewis , Racorac , Ronen , sandman , tarballqc , tickL , vlexar , Ze Witchi , Zinogre (Moryl)
Thank you! <3