Upcoming features

  • Botwinder 3.0 beta - 2017-10-15: Botwinder Mk.III beta will be launched without many of the old Mk.II features, where most of them will be added in at later time within the Q4 2017. We are forced to launch early by Discord deprecating the old version - apologies for the inconvenience. Read the #news channel of our support server for more details.
  • Botwinder 3.0 - Implement code necessary to support redundant clustered environment and horizontal scaling. (Q4)
  • PublicRoles upgrade (3.0) - You will be able to create groups of public roles, where the user will have only one of the roles at a time. If they !join another, the previous one will be removed. For example the Elite Dangerous server has public roles for allegiance and factions. These would be two groups, where you can be only either imperial or federal, and you can be part of only one of the factions. (Q4 2017)
  • Points and ranks (3.0) earned with activity, everything should be customizable and you should be able to choose what those points are, how many are needed for a new rank/level, how to announce it, and whether to assign a specific role with it or not. (Q4 2017)
  • Anti-PMspam - Rather complex system which may as well end up being separate bot which will include only our standard antispam plus this new feature. (Q4 2017)
  • More livestream notifications - Add support for YouTube - going live or uploading a new video. (Q1-Q2 2018)
  • Livestream integrations - twitch, hitbox & beam - Merge Discord channel with the stream chat (just like the above irc) and create custom commands, timers, polls and giveaways that will run in both twitch and Discord (or only either one), etc... (2019)
  • Botwinder 4.0 - Who knows what major news would this one bring? (2019)


Botwinder 2.4 - 25th of July, 2017

  • Beam renamed to Mixer... and some other changes with Hitbox as well. Weird stuff happening.
  • Command Options: Implemented channel whitelist. You can now use !cmdChannelWhitelist to allow a command to be used only in specific channels only.
  • Command Options: Formerly known command !restrict or !restrictChannel was renamed to !cmdChannelBlacklist to better accomodate the above change.
  • The usual bunch of tweaks, fixes, bugs and fixed bugs.
  • WebConfig Upgrades! (http://botwinder.info/config)
  • You can now pick roles and channels with a search bar instead of the role IDs
  • Custom Commands can now be created, edited and removed, using the WebConfig as well.

Botwinder 2.3 - 26th of May, 2017

  • Minor update with some new features for events, and a bunch of fixes.
  • !event score+ & !event score- options added. These will relatively add or subtract score to/from mentioned users. (The original score keyword was setting absolute value.)
  • !help now correctly handles all the things, including custom commands. Also fixed an issue caused by previous update where the regex parameter was not actually working right.
  • !meetings system was fixed and tweaked, thanks to /r/linux_gaming guys taking the time to find those issues <3
  • Oh and hey, we are always looking for Botwinder-experienced support people (start by being active and helping in our server) and Web Developer to help out with https://github.com/RheaAyase/Botwinder.web/issues =)

Botwinder 2.2 - 21st of May, 2017

  • This is a simple update with mostly minor and invisible tweaks and fixes.
  • !tempChannel - Creates a temporary voice channel. This channel will be destroyed when it becomes empty, with grace period of three minutes since it's creation. This command is under the SubModerator permission by default and you can make it public using !permissions. You can also use a !tc alias, or create your own using !alias.
  • !help - We've replaced parameterless help with a simple reference to the web documentation as it would usually result in several messages worth of spam in PM.
  • Oh and hey, we are always looking for Botwinder-experienced support people (start by being active and helping in our server) and Web Developer to help out with https://github.com/RheaAyase/Botwinder.web/issues =)

Botwinder 2.1 - 30th of April, 2017

  • This update was brought to you thanks to patreon-paid unpaid-time-off of Rhea's actual job.
  • Code Verification - You can now find a new option on the config page to switch between the old Reddit verification and the new Code verification. You can effectively force people to read your rules, which will be PMed to the user with a hidden code within the text. The user is asked to reply the bot with this code in order to get verified - to get the role assigned.
  • !subscribe - Subscribe to these fancy patchnotes and other important maintenance notifications via PM.
  • !unsubscribe - Unsubscribe from the above.
  • !issueWarning - This command will PM the user worded message and add it as warning to the database.
  • !timer expire - New option for timers, where you can now set them to expire at specified date and time.
  • !giveaway start roleID/mention - You can now use giveaway start with a role ID (use !getRole name to get the id) or role mention, to restrict the giveaway to that role only.
  • All kinds of minor tweaks and fixes, and performance improvements, yet again, we've double the server performance.
  • Patreon now says that the next goal to implement is "experience, ranks and levels," but we will implement the next goal first, and this one later, swapping them around. So the 2.2 update will be "public role-groups."
  • Oh and hey, we are always looking for Botwinder-experienced support people (start by being active and helping in our server) and Web Developer to help out with https://github.com/RheaAyase/Botwinder.web/issues =)

Botwinder 2.0 - 9th of February, 2017

  • We've created a new bot account for contributors, that has only very few servers and therefor it's faster and more stable. More info at http://botwinder.info/invite
  • Added SubModerator permission group. See the documentation for the new defaults on the commands.
  • !permissions - Configure permission groups for every built-in command. Use without parameters for help.
  • !restrict - Block a command from certain channels.
  • !deleteRequest - Set a command to have the issuing request message deleted automatically.
  • !promoteEveryone - Assign everyone a role!
  • !ping - The best ping command ever invented ;)
  • !dice - The command was upgraded slightly.
  • !guide - Comprehensive configuration guide on youtube.
  • !discordGuide - Get general help with Discord.
  • !discordPermissions - An article (and a video) on how to correctly set-up your server, channels, roles and channel permissions.
  • !timer - now supports random messages (and even self-commands)
  • New Config option (kinda): Full sentences are now support as a command prefix to ban @rhea 0 because she ate all the cookies. - Yes, even this will work.
  • New Config option: Use Timestamp for User Activity log (joined and left the server)
  • A lot of improvements, fixes and hacks of the library (Rhea killed some gigabyte sized memory leaks in that library!)
  • Server upgrade - we've upgraded the server in January. Twice! Growing too fast.
  • Oh and we are open source once again! Links to our multiple repositories can be found at http://botwinder.info/contribute

Botwinder 1.9.9 - 17th of November, 2016

  • Botwinder is now content-complete for 2.0 release, however there is a lot of back-end code to crunch before we actually flip that number.
  • Added !mute @user and !muteChannel commands - these have to be configured on the website, there is more hidden behind the mute though ;)
  • Added !clear n @user - you can now delete n messages of the @user only, or even use !nuke @user to delete all the messages in the channel by that @user.
  • Implemented the !op system similar to what you may know from IRC, where you can op yourself and then take moderation action against a naughty one. If you configure this on the website, it will block mute, kick and ban commands and therefor force you to use !op command to give yourself permissions to use these. (Obviously you still need mod/admin permissions.) It's useful, why? Read about it here http://rhea-ayase.eu/articles/2016-11/On-the-topic-of-moderation
  • Implemented new antispam feature that will prevent people from sending too many messages too fast. This will use mute system, and therefore requires that to be configured as well. Naughty one gets temporarily muted once for 5 minutes, then 2nd time if he spams again, and third time will be banana.
  • Improved !ban duration parameter, you can now use any combination of d or h for days or hours, for example !ban @someone 7d6h This will ban @someone for 7 days and 6 hours.
  • New !meetings system for all your meeting needs! Maybe you're familiar with the IRC Meet Bot which was inspiration to this. This system is often used in open-source communities to keep track of their meetings. Example meeting: http://botwinder.info/meetings/244607894165651457/Example%20meeting
  • Bumload of minor tweaks and fixes of all kinds.
  • Also check out the new version of the Features page, go read about these new commands there! http://botwinder.info/features

Botwinder 1.9.0 - 28th of October, 2016

  • Added a timer support for SelfCommands - this means that you can use !timer to schedule for example daily !nuke of a channel :P
  • Added custom alias support - you can now create an !alias to any command :]
  • The config page was fixed up and we added "log out" button.
  • Minor fixes.

Botwinder 1.8.0 - 25th of October, 2016

  • Added a new config options to remove !join/!leave and !promote/!demote messages from the chat. e.g. someone uses !join overwatch, both this message and Botwinders response will be deleted in a few seconds.
  • You can now use "multiple words" parameters. For example this will be useful if you are creating a custom poll: !poll addOption option1 "option two" option3 "option four with many words" (similarly you will have to vote the same way !vote "option two")
  • Improved antispam performance.
  • Tweaked some other commands to improve their output.

Botwinder 1.7.0 - 22nd of October, 2016

  • A little bit of a gap in standard releases once a week, as Rhea was in hospital - but it's all good now! =)
  • Added new fancy !poll system, where you can create polls with your own options, or even let the user vote on anything they wish! Check the !poll command without parameters to see the details.
  • Re-written the !help command to also accept a parameter now. If you run it without, it will behave as it always did (with better formatting) but if you use parameter it will trigger regex search on commands and display only the ones matching the expression. For example !help ban|kick will display description of ban and kick commands.
  • Also added requested !contribute command, using which you can let people know how can they help us.
  • A bunch of minor and major fixes around the bot and the website, security update on the server, etc...

Botwinder 1.6.0 - 9th of October, 2016

  • Added requested !removeAllWarnings @user
  • A bunch of minor and major fixes around the bot and the website.
  • Implemented Reddit verification system. Head over to the http://botwinder.info/config to check it out and configure it if you would like to use this feature. This system can send people a message with all the info how to proceed and what are benefits (configured) and after the bot receives a message on reddit, it will assign the user specified role on your server. Comes with !verify command, using which admins can verify people manually (!verify @Rhea https://www.reddit.com/user/RheaAyase or !verify @Rhea force - without additional info..) Further you can look up their status using !whois and !find commands. You can see this in action on the Elite Dangerous server.

Botwinder 1.5.0 - 2nd of October, 2016

  • Why the jump to 1.5? Well, because we now have the awesome http://botwinder.info/config page! Please poke Rhea if you find an issue with it. Also please rather not use !config much as it is incomplete and obsolete now, the website contains many more options :]
  • Added requested !nuke command that will completely nuke the channel. This is somewhat experimental and may fail with really huuuuge channels, please poke Rhea if you have any feedback.
  • Fixed up some issues with timers, please excuse if it went off for you while it shouldn't during the change...

Botwinder 1.2.6 - 27th of September, 2016

  • Added !config ModChannelLogEditedMessages which used to be under the ModChannelLogDeletedMessages option. It defaults to false, so you have to set it up, even if you had the deleted logging set to true.
  • Added !config ModChannelIgnoreUsers where you can add userIDs that will be ignored by the above mentioned two logging options.
  • Optimized bits of the code and hacked the core library a little bit more.
  • It seems that discord has globally borked code colours... I will not change the log style until the next update, hopefully it will get back to normal.

Botwinder 1.2.5 - 24th of September, 2016

  • A lot of website changes and upgrades...
  • https://www.patreon.com/Botwinder - 27 subscriptions of just 1$ to pay for the server! =]
  • New log format is here!
  • We also have advanced antispam, however the configuration will be available only via the http://botwinder.info/config (Which is almost finished!!)
  • !quickBan - Quickly ban someone! Even many of the someone! Just mention all the someone's (Don't forget to configure it using !config or http://botwinder.info/config)
  • Minor bugs were squished.

Botwinder 1.2.4 - 16th of September, 2016

  • The delicate C# letters of simplified intelligence are no longer on github due to people stealing them in a way that violates my license.
  • Fixed twitch notification issues (caused by me forgetting to implement latest changes to twitch API)
  • Role assignment using !join or !promote was improved and now it will search for 1) exact match, 2) case insensitive match, 3) any expression match...
  • Role assignment often bugs out when discord servers have a derp and respond to Botwinder with an error. This will now display a message about it, instead of incorrectly telling you about insufficient permissions. Just double-check that it went through and you got the role, it usually does go through.
  • http://botwinder.info/updates - Check out upcoming features and changelog.
  • Also a fair amount of minor tweaks and improvements as usual.

Botwinder 1.2.3 - 27th of August, 2016

  • A bunch of commands and features to help me provide better support to other servers.
  • Improved formatting of some commands, fixed some typos...
  • Added !config RemoveMassMentions n - Deletes a message if it contains more than n mentions. Use 0 to disable this feature, it is recommended to set this to 7. (It is disabled by default.)
  • Added !config SpambotBanLimit n - Ban people after they had n messages removed by the above RemoveMassMentions. Use 0 to disable this feature, it is recommended to set this to 7. (It is disabled by default.)
  • Added !config KarmaConsumeVerb value - Example: Rhea just nommed one of her cookies! nommed is default value of this option.
  • !patchnotes - Display some info about latest updates.

Botwinder 1.2.2 - 12th of August, 2016

  • A bunch of fixes and minor improvements.
  • And I improved formatting of... something that I don't remember.
  • An irrelevant update that you don't care about.
  • :Botwinder: emoji
  • Also giveaways will now display the number of participants when you end them.

Teh Website is live, although it's without configuration for now. That will require a lot more work!